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Keeping Things Fresh With A Coleman Ice Box

If you are looking for a high quality and performance cooler that offers the best value for your money, Coleman is your go-to brand. Whether you’re going camping, fishing, boating, picnicking, to the beach, on a road trip, entertaining outdoors, or just need more space to store drinks for festive occasions there’s always a Coleman Ice Box that suits the occasion.

When it comes to variety, it’s hard to beat a Coleman Ice Box. Not only that, Coleman Ice Box’s are some of the best in the business with their rugged construction. Take for example the Coleman 24 can party stacker Portable Cooler with its unique stacking that’s designed to be, well, stackable and interlocking. Mix and match, stack and go.

You could get a Styrofoam box, but they are not particularly sturdy and disposable in nature, so not very environmentally friendly either. The last thing you want is for the box to rip apart from the heavy contents inside!w


Now you might be thinking, why would I need one if I don’t go outdoors camping and stuff. Well if you’re like me and live in a high-rise condominium there will be a time when they come in handy. Maybe it could be a BBQ party by the pool, whether at your place or maybe your friends, and the Coleman Ice Box would feel right at home and a real lifesaver for those occasions.

Even at home, it could be that your refrigerator is full and you decided to buy some really fresh seafood one day and had nowhere to put it for a couple of hours. Leaving it out would be a bad idea and the refrigerator might not be an option during that time, so here comes the Ice Box to the rescue. How good is that? Even if your refrigerator weren’t full, maybe the item wouldn’t fit inside anyways. So you really never know.

How Long Does It Keep Stuff Cool?

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The insulated body of the Coleman Ice Box stays up to a whole day in ice retention at 32 degree celsius environment. There are many options in the Coleman range and you can even get Cooler Bags for lighter duties. These bags are able to keep their contents cool for up to 12 hours. 

Be sure to check the range of Tote bags they have. Ideal for use as a lunch bag to work, grocery shopping, and for young parents out there can be used to store foods for infants for those short trips to the mall. These handy little bags can keep contents cold for up to 5 hours (with the use of a soft ice pack).

Unlike other soft cooler bags in the market that leak, Coleman soft cooler bag is engineered to ensure there will be no liquid leakage, this ensures no liquid mess and spills as long as the bag is in an upright position. I’ve had mine for years, probably over a decade by now so these Ice Boxes last a very long time. It’s worth investing in Coleman Ice Box since you never know when you might need one and that itself would make all the difference. 


To learn more about quality tints and how they can protect you against the elements, visit Coleman’s website for more.

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