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Use NARS Foundation For Your Online Meetings

It’s not wrong to want to look good during online meetings; if you are still struggling with it, the NARS foundation could be your lifesaver. As much as staying at home has made us feel safe and comfortable, we sometimes let go and forget how to look our best and feel great about ourselves. You can have eyeliners, mascara, and eyeshadow; without a good foundation, it may not give you that “extra pop”.

You might want makeup that helps you look good for your next virtual meeting, but at the same time have a foundation that can withstand demanding activities such as cleaning your house, lunch break or going out. Having that right foundation can help hit two birds with one stone.

We know that choosing the right foundation is not easy, especially if your skin looks dull. Nars has various shades that can match your skin tone; regardless of your skin type, they have it all covered. We have listed three Nars foundation that will make you feel good while being in a Zoom meeting; it may also be the foundation you can’t live without!

Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation

If you are into basic, minimum, and effortless makeup but always struggling to get a shade that matches your skin, Nar’s Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation could now be your new bestie. It is one of the best-selling products and has 34 versatile shades. 

This foundation is light wear and breathable, but it does cover your pimples, acne scars, and dark circles for up to 16 hours. After that, you can say “bye-bye” to your cakey foundation. The best part is that even if you are sweating while being in a Zoom call, the foundation on your face will still last, and you can even wear it when you are doing your home workout. See, you get the best of both worlds!

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

Nars’ Sheer Glow Foundation is a lifesaver for individuals with dry skin; individuals who have normal skin are also recommended to use this foundation as well! In addition, this lightweight foundation works very well suited for us who live in tropical places such as Malaysia, where it is mostly hot and humid. 

With the right amount of foundation, it does not make your skin feel unbreathable and it provides full coverage on your skin. By applying a thin layer of foundation, it will leave your skin a picture-perfect and dewy glow. It also improves your skin tone and skin brightness, as this formulation of foundation actually protects your skin from free radical damage.

Soft Matte Complete Foundation

Soft Matte Complete Foundation, a full coverage foundation with a matte finish, is an ideal foundation for those who wear a mask while working. Don’t worry if you have dry skin; this product works well on individuals with dry skin, even though it is a matte foundation.

The foundation is transfer-resistant, which means the foundation will still stay on your face; even so, you don’t have to worry about having a mask-shaped indentation after taking off your mask. Also, after long hours at work, you will not see a visibly oily T-zone because the powders in this foundation help absorb the excess sebum on your face, leaving it matte and oil-free. 

No matter where you are, NARS Cosmetics provides exceptional makeup products to suit all of your occasions. Visit Nars website to find out more.

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