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Tips on choosing the right window tinting for your car or residence

Thinking of what car tints or residential tints to get? With so many brands out there it can be overwhelming especially when it comes to choosing the best window tinting available in Malaysia, a lot of customers want a brand that offers reliability, strength and quality.

Well look no further as there is no need to go searching for that brand, as there is no going past IrisPro window tints. It is considered one of the top window tinting films on the market today, be it for residential or automotive applications.

The effectiveness of any tint is dependent on the properties and construction of the film layer(s) and not the color of the tint itself. In some cases, a darker tint will even attract more heat.

The Reasons Why IrisPro Window Tinting is Superior

IrisPro is the world’s most advanced UV+420 Optical Solar Film which is able to reject high infrared heat rays, with up to 100% of ultraviolet radiation and 99% high energy visible blue light radiation.

Some benefits of using this optical film for residential tinting or automotive tinting include protection for your eyes, skin, and improving the surface’s lifespan on the furniture on your car and home.

Additionally, IrisPro optical tinting comes with an additional layer of titanium sputtering process to enhance its heat rejection properties. This aerospace alloy of titanium is achieved through the use of an advanced multi-cavity high-speed rotating equipment.

With its patented technology, IrisPro is the best performing UV+420 optical solar film ever, not to mention that it is also backed by a 10-year ‘performance’ warranty!

Is IrisPro window tinting worth it?

Superior tinting

With IrisPro window tinting you don’t have to worry anymore as they all come with a comprehensive 10-year warranty. IrisPro is the only optical solar film that provides a performance warranty thanks to our incredible double patented technology.

Apart from the product’s physical appearance warranty which is what is normally covered by other solar film manufacturers, IrisPro warranty also covers its UV protection and Infrared protection performance so you don’t have to worry about how it will perform for a very long time while remaining physically intact.

While other solar films degrade over time, you can count on IrisPro to provide the same level of protection as the day you bought it!

"If you have to turn on your air conditioner to level 2 at 16 °C on a hot day, that means your tint is not working. - IrisPro

IrisPro’s 10-year warranty is a competitive standard that ensures you are able to achieve maximum results. Another benefit is that by choosing IrisPro, you won’t have to worry about dishonest dealers or car tint stores. Some unscrupulous activities done by tint shops include offering rebranded, phony, or so-called home brand name window tint, installing a different car window film from just what was earlier selected, reporting false requirements, and providing incorrect demos during window demonstrations. 

Consequently, we need to only go to car-tinting shops that are officially accredited (with visible evidence of permission such as a certification) by the car window tint manufacturers. When you get your car tinted at IrisPro, it is a guarantee that it is original so you don’t have to worry.

IrisPro is a big believer in producing quality tints that help protect you on a hot sunny day. Visit their website to learn more on how their tints can help you.

To learn more about quality tints and how they can protect you against the elements, visit IrisPro’s website for more.

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